2021 What Are We Waiting For

We have entered a brand new year whereby so many are waiting, for help, relief, freedom from the scourge of the Pandemic.  Life has done a flip-flop for so many people that not much remains the same.  When can we go back to work, back into relationships again, back to what most have accepted as normal?  Do we have the patience to persevere or endure? Someone said, “True patience means waiting without worrying.”

God’s perspective from the Bible may be quite different from ours, when He tells us in Isaiah 40:31: “BUT THEY THAT WAIT UPON THE LORD SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH; THEY SHALL MOUNT UP WITH WINGS OF EAGLES; THEY SHALL RUN, AND NOT BE WEARY; AND THEY SHALL WALK, AND NOT FAINT.”  The Olympic motto reads:  “Swifter, higher, stronger.” Isaiah 40:31 above is the Bible’s Olympic text!

The great prophet Isaiah was consoling his people with words of comfort. He was reminding them that The Everlasting Jehovah, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not faint, nor is He ever weary.  In reality, He gives power to the faint and increases strength in those who wait upon Him. Coming through the Exile, with many hardships along the way, the Israelites were waiting in dire need of revival.  With all that is going on around us today, in our world, nation, and personal lives I believe we also are waiting on God for revival!

Waiting in expectation, in dependence, in prayer and faith in finding new ways to fulfill His Commandments, is not an idle or passive thing. During 21 days of prayer, we are waiting upon the Lord to encourage us, embolden us, empower us for times ahead, where Jesus can use us to make an impact all around us. Galatians 6:9  tells us, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” 

Life becomes so active at times we need to realize that as we are in a mode of waiting upon God, He reminds us of Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God…” As we inquire of the Holy Spirit for direction and guidance during these impatient times, we must engage ourselves in prayer and serving the Lord in our communion with Him.  We must practice our dependence upon Jesus Christ. The original meaning of the word, “faith”, means “to fully trust,” or “strongly hope.” (When we depend on man, we get what man can do; when we depend on prayer, we get what God can do.)

For most of us, the hardest thing we must do, is to patiently wait! Isaiah 40:31, tells us also, that as we wait upon Him, ” The Lord shall renew your strength,  and you shall be able to mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” The word “renew” here, means to experience a new thing in place of something old!  We can say “new strength” will replace our “old strength”.  This is totally a God thing as we wait upon Him. What we cannot do for ourselves God will do for us, as we wait upon Him!  As Christians, we need a broader, wider, deeper experience of God’s grace and faithfulness to us.  We have that “blessed assurance” reverberating in our hearts. We can only discover the ways of the Lord by waiting upon Him. It brings us to know Him, and renews our strength.

This time of waiting, wondering what comes next in 2021, is a great time to draw close to Jesus, and allow Him to draw close to you.  We do not know what tomorrow holds, but, we know WHO holds tomorrow!  As the message on Sunday, highlighted, 2021 is a time for all of us to “realign” our spiritual priorities, our prayer lives, our love “one for another.”  For Christians, “the new normal” may very well be where the Holy Spirit wants us, reaching out to the world around us through the power of prayer.  The Enemy of our souls really wants us to suffer defeat, however, God intends to bless those who follow Him! Let’s pray through this Pandemic, as we wait upon the Lord, and allow any weakness in us to be replaced by His renewed strength, just as He has promised in His Word.

PSALM 130 gives us great encouragement: ” I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in his word do, I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than they that watch the morning.”

2021 PROMISES “His Unfailing Presence”

Another year I enter

Its history unknown

Oh, how my feet would tremble

To tread its paths alone!

But I have heard a whisper,

I know I shall be blest;

“My presence shall go with thee,

And I will give thee rest.”

What will the New Year bring me?

I may not, must not know:

Will it be love and rapture,

Or loneliness and woe?

Hush! Hush! I hear His whisper;

I surely shall be blest;

“My presence shall go with thee,

And I will give thee rest.” – Selected


-Pastor Ken

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