Andrew Smithers – Serving Alaska

Andrew Smithers – Serving Alaska

Alaska is a vast state, 1/5 the size of the continental U.S.  We have the highest suicide rate in the nation, and we are among the highest for at-risk youth.  These numbers increase when you focus on rural areas like Glennallen, AK.

In Glennallen, Alaska I serve as a full-time youth minister working with at-risk youth.  I also work part-time in the community at the school.  I am a role model for many of the kids I work with both within the school and outside of it.  I run an e-Sports team, a community Jr. Youth Group, and help give rides to the Awana program during the school year.

In addition to youth ministry, I am the “boots on the ground” for LightShine.  Traveling throughout the state has become part of my monthly schedule. LightShine’s main focus is to come under existing churches and ministries and help them with building projects.  I am pioneering a new branch of the ministry to help build people.  You can learn more about the ministry by going to their website:

Ways to Pray

Thank you for partnering with me as I enter my 3rd winter in rural Alaska.  Your prayers and support are essential to making this mission endeavor a reality.

Please pray for my financial needs.  I am currently transitioning jobs and am hoping to find something more substantial.  The cost of living is very high in Alaska with the rural areas being even higher than the urban ones.  For example, a one half gallon of almond milk in Anchorage will cost close to $4 but for me, in Glennallen it costs $8.  Please for God’s provision.

I currently live in a dry cabin.  This means I have no running water.  With a better job, I am hoping to move into a normal apartment or house before the coldest part of winter.  Please pray for God’s will.

Please pray for me as I strive to be a Godly living example.  Many of the people I interact with have seen the abuse of the church, especially within the native culture.  Many have heard the gospel, but what they desire to see, and need, is someone living it out.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will make me more like Jesus.

Please pray for my granddad and his wife, Sally.  He fell and broke his hip.

Please pray for the Lord to open the hearts of the Alaskan people to come to know Jesus and His love for them.

I thank God for His continued grace and provision.

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