Bill & Bethany McClure – Missionaries to Antuqua/Barbuda

Our hearts have been ripped wide open for the people of Antigua and the Caribbean, who typically live in poverty, spiritual darkness and also for the  many who are homeless or prostitutes. We had no idea that this was such an issue, typically you think of the Caribbean and see cruise ships, beaches, resorts! Not a need for God or His love and power… but there is… a HUGE need.

After extensive language training in Costa Rica (till August) we will be going to Antigua.   While we are in Antigua, we will be building up the new AG church, Vida Nueva.  Bethany will be working closely with the Children’s Ministry to reach the children of Antigua.  I will be working with Deeper Word, a Bible school that will help train leaders to start their process of becoming ministers and missionaries.  And together, we will be working in the street ministry, reaching the poor, homeless and prostitutes on the streets of Antigua with the love and power of Jesus.

We are so excited to bring God’s power, truth and love to the Caribbean!

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“A Whole New World”

Ways to Pray

Please pray for our kiddos as they continue to get used to “building school” . Pray for their health, their safety, and for them to learn a lot!! They are soaking in so much, so also pray for good influences and friends… 

Please pray for Bill and I to be sponges and soak up all that our professors are teaching us. Pray that we are able to start communicating in Spanish more and more each week!

Please pray for our families back home. We know that they miss us, and we miss them dearly. Pray for them that God would give them all peace of minds.

Please pray for our home to sell this month. God knows what is on the line. We are praying for a sale in February!

Please pray for Vida Nueva in Antigua!! There are a bunch of new members now!! We have been able to see pictures from our GT team ministering to them and are so excited to get there!

Please pray for Bill and I, pray that we would grow together in the path that God has us on, also to stay strong against the enemy and his attacks on us, and for our health too. 

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