Glimpses of Joy- Nickolas Cummings

One phrase that I keep hearing over and over again from just about everyone I know, and a statement that I am definitely guilty of making myself, is “I just can’t wait for all of this to be over.”  I think we’re are all longing for the day the human race can get back to…

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A Light Perspective from a Children’s Pastor by Brinda VanLeuven

If you are over 30, okay, maybe 40, you may remember the children’s song, This Little Light of Mine, I’m gonna let it shine…. Go ahead, sing it out! When I was a child, I sang that song in children’s church. I would sing it loud and clear for all to hear! The beat is…

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A Missing Person- Pastor Ken Damstrom

Just the other day we were driving on a major highway and noticed a very bright flashing amber alert sign which read, “ MISSING PERSON”. When someone is missing an atmosphere of sadness prevails, and much anxiety develops. We know in America the family has undergone much fracturing and pain, and many times no longer…

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We tend to be people who gravitate to be quick to speak and slow to listen.  We naturally want to share what we are thinking and feeling, and struggle to stop to pay attention to what is going on around us.  However, there are times that we are forced to listen.  When someone gets a bad report from…

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Darkness Must Be Overcome By Light

The past ten days has been very difficult for our nation and for us as a people. The horrific injustice against George Floyd has affected everyone in different ways. Emotions are high as many of us feel broken by his murder, as well saddened by the outbreak of rioters. It has been stirring up pain,…

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Abundant Life Church - What We Believe

COVID-19 Transition

As our county turns from “Red Phase” to “Yellow Phase” we are entering a season of transition. What does it look like to go back to a somewhat normal life? How much longer do we quarantine? How do we re-learn to be around people again? Do we do this right away, or wait through the…

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