Camp Journey of a Lifetime

When was the last time you went on a journey? Maybe it was recently. Did you go to the
beach? Maybe you went to the mountains, or your journey was not one you had to go
anywhere at all. It may have been a few days or weeks, or at this time in our world, months to
get much done at your house. Was it a good time or was it hard? Was it worth it or would you
not do it again? The point is when you start a journey, you usually have a plan or a goal; an end
result and hope to learn more along the way.

This week at Abundant Life here in the little town of Birdsboro, we have 50 kids on a Journey of
their own! Our week is called Camp Journey. When our team decided to have something for the
kids in the community despite what is going on around us in the world, we sat and made our
plans. Our goal was to make it a safe, fun, and spiritually enriching place for them to enjoy a
meal together, see their friends and make new ones. We changed things up for various reasons
and prayed with expectation that our four days together would be life changing!

Our amazing team of volunteers got busy and worked together as the body of Christ to bring on
Camp Journey! We asked kids to pick their first choice of what destination station they wanted
to participate in. There was Art, where the kids were able to express themselves making tie dye
shirts, splatter painting was a big hit and learning how to paint on canvas from a real artist was
so much fun! Our Cooking and Baking destination was filled with Jr. chefs who learned to cook
and bake unique and tasty treats to share with their families at the end of the night, they even
made pickles!! For our sport fanatics, the Sports destination was filled with tons of action and
fun playing Ga-Ga ball, kickball, frisbee, and soccer! There was a lot of sweat, and I’m pretty
sure we wore them out! We have some rising stars in the Movie Making destination as they
learned a lot about making movies by actually making a movie! Who knows, we may see one of
them on TV someday!

Our night starts out with a yummy meal for the kids and volunteers, what a great time to just
sit and be together enjoying each other! We move on to praise and worship with our kids praise
team. This has been a powerful time to connect with Jesus! We are teaching the kids to open
their spiritual ears and hearts so they can experience His unending love for themselves!
Monday evening, we had real life missionaries the McClures visit to tell us what they are doing on their
journey! The kids and volunteers are raising money this week to get the McClures back on the
mission field sooner! There is a little brother/sister love going on as Judah and Lydia are on
their own “missions’ trip” and pulling pranks on each other.

During their time at camp, the children are going back in time to experience the life of Paul and
Other Bible characters on their journey. To help the children really get a grasp on this, the entire
church worship center has been transformed into Bible times. This destination has been
amazing as the kids go through while our “tour guide” Jess has given them spiritual truths right
from God’s amazing Word! I do believe the adults are enjoying this as much as the kids (ust
saying)! Monday, we learned about Paul’s conversion and calling. The kids learned to Go
because they are chosen to proclaim God’s name! (from Acts 9:15-16) Tuesday’s theme was
Mission, we taught the kids they could preach the good news where the name of Christ has
never been heard (from Romans 15:20a). We want them to be able to tell their story just like
Paul and Lydia did! Wednesday was a little tough as we talked about Suffering which was a big
part of Paul’s Journey, and a lot of times a part of our story. But the children learned we are
pressed but not crushed, persecuted but never abandoned by God (from 2 Corinthians 4:8-18).

We wrap up the 4-day camp with Adventure! Yes! Following Jesus will never be boring, it’s
always an adventure! Just like Paul’s life the campers learned we are blessed because our
strength is in God, for those whose hearts are set on pilgrimage (from Psalm 84:5). We have
had the privilege to explain to each precious child they are loved by God. By keeping their
hearts fixed on following Jesus and His ways, they now know wherever they go, even if it’s
foreign to them, they have to learn new things, or meet new people along their journey, God’s
strength will be right there with them.

So, what was our end result in Camp Journey? We know kids have had tons of fun! We know
they received lots of love from amazing volunteers! We know they learned the truth in God’s
Word! We know they learned awesome new praise and worship songs! I would say we learned
a lot along the way! What we can’t measure yet however, is how many people’s lives will
ultimately be changed because of four days of Camp Journey in a little town nestled in South East
Pennsylvania. I look forward to the day when we get the results, but until then, would you keep
trusting Jesus as you walk out your life journey? Will you continue to ask for wisdom and power
from the Holy Spirit, and joy even in the midst of suffering at times? Keep telling the story of
your life change, keep praying, keep walking in the Truth!

I want to thank all the amazing volunteers for their commitment to Camp Journey. Whether you
were here in person, let us borrow or donated items and food, cooked things, gave monetarily,
and prayed, we couldn’t have done it without you! May God richly bless your faithfulness!

Brinda VanLeuven
Children’s Ministry Pastor

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at 09:00 AM + 11:00 AM
Abundant Life Church

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Birdsboro, PA 19508


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