Leading a Joy Filled Life


“Leading a Joy-Filled Life” offers you a chance to lay down your cares, enter God’s presence, and hear Him speak through His word.  There will be time for silently studying passages of Scripture, if you choose to – share with the group, or contact a person of choice.  You will learn how to make space in your life for the Spirit of God to speak to you through the Word of God as well as the people of God.
The goal of this study is to help your heart open up and respond to what your mind reads – to encounter the living God as He speaks through the Scriptures. 


LeadersDolores Freedman-McDevitt
LocationAbundant Life Church

Please Join us Sunday
at 09:00 AM + 11:00 AM
Abundant Life Church

400 W. Second Street
Birdsboro, PA 19508


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