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As our county turns from “Red Phase” to “Yellow Phase” we are entering a season of transition. What does it look like to go back to a somewhat normal life? How much longer do we quarantine? How do we re-learn to be around people again? Do we do this right away, or wait through the summer? We understand these are important questions that most of us are asking right now.

Pastor Devin explains details of reopening, his heart behind the decision, and an update on kids ministry.

We understand that in the same way our state has been putting counties in “Red, Yellow and Green” phases, each person and family most likely has one of the three following mindsets when it comes to returning to church. Please scroll to the one that best describes you.

  • I’m not ready to come back to a live church service. Can I still stay connected?
  • I’m not sure I am ready to come back to a live church service yet. Do you have any advice?
  • I’m ready to come back to a live service. What do I need to know?

I’m not ready to come back to a live church service. Can I still stay connected?

We understand that returning to church will be different for everyone. We want to assure you that it’s ok if you are not ready to attend church in person yet. Here are a couple ways we want to encourage you so that you stay connected and more importantly stay ENCOURAGED in your faith at this time:

Connect through our live online services

We plan to continue providing online services and recognize the need to minister and love people who cannot attend in person, and reach people who we never met. We have leaders who are chatting, praying, and connecting with people online. When you watch online, let us know you’re watching, say hello to those watching online with you, and reach out if you need prayer. Remember, you can watch every Sunday at either 9 or 11 at the following links:

Receive communication through social media and email/text

Every week we send two emails to our congregation to stay connected, as well as text messages with encouragement. Our email newsletter includes spiritual encouragement during this time. Also we continue to post encouragement and blogs to our Facebook page. Maybe you aren’t getting our emails or are not on Facebook? We hope you consider getting connected in either of these ways!

Join a virtual connect group

We have many connect groups that are meeting via zoom at this time. Groups for women, men, parents, specific topics, etc. Even though in person meetings are preferred, our virtual connect groups are a great way to connect, see people, and be encouraged. Remember, you can visit a connect group any time without a long term commitment to the group. To see our connect groups and how to join, CLICK HERE

Reach out for care

We understand things come up in our lives where prayer support, emotional support, financial assistance, visitation, or encouragement is needed. We ask you to please reach out to Pastor Ken who leads our pastoral care team and he will get you in touch with those who can help. You can reach Pastor Ken at

I’m not sure if I am ready to come back to a live church service yet. Do you have any advice?

Stay unified as a family

As you discern when to return to church, stay unified as a family. There is a chance that some members of the family might feel ready while others might be more cautious. Pray together and stay together. Have open conversations with your family about risk, about safety, about faith, and about the direction God is leading you in. One suggestions is to have one family member “test out” a service to see how comfortable they feel. Remember God wants families to stay unified through this difficult season.

Ask God to give you faith and wisdom

One of the struggles with the decision to return to a public gathering is finding the balance between faith and wisdom. Some would say you lack faith if you are not comfortable attending yet. Others would say you are not being wise if you do! But God’s word says we can pray for faith (Mark 9:24) AND for wisdom (James 1:5). Don’t pick one or the other. Choose to walk in faith as you trust him completely and believe he holds your life. Choose to walk in wisdom as you wash hands, keep distances, and understand your specific situation. Grab hold of faith and wisdom.

Understand your options

We want you to know all the options available. Sunday morning may feel like the traditional time to worship. However, if you are unsure yet about being in public, try a Thursday evening service instead. It will have a lower attendance and everyone will be wearing masks. Also please read carefully our safety guidelines so that you know what to expect.

I’m ready to come back to a live service. What do I need to know?

We will spread out when we gather

Putting extra space between our rows is an important step in keeping everyone social distanced while we worship. We have been blessed to have a large area (formerly a gym) with plenty of room to spread out. And as we move to three services, we will be keeping our occupancy under 30% at all times.

Be safe and considerate

We want to make sure that those who attend live worship services are safe and considerate toward others. Below is a link to our Reopening Safety Guidelines. Would you take a moment to review this before attending? We need everyone to understand that different people have different comfort levels. Don’t assume everyone is ready for a hand shake or hug.

Ministry for children

We will have ministry for children infants to 5th grade beginning June 7th. Our children’s ministry will only be available during the 11am service. We know that there are some families with children who are ready to come to church, and we believe that we can love and minister to children in a safe way. We also know this helps give some parents a break that they need. We will be following all CDC guidelines for child care, and all volunteers will be temperature checked prior to serving to assure they are healthy.

If you have any questions about our reopening, feel free to shoot a text message to (610)-486-5140 and we will be sure to get back to you with an answer! May Jesus be exalted in all we do, and my his Spirit continue to fill us and draw us together in this time!

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