Lord Send Revival

“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?  Show us your unfailing love, O LORD, and grant us your salvation.” – Psalms 85:6-7

Revival is often known for its history of big tents and week-long services, times of historical moves of God that made a lasting impact on society.  These were times when people turned their hearts back to God and put him and made salvation through Jesus Christ the number one priority again.

But the word revival simply means something that is either dead or dying coming back to life.  Someone who had a heart attack but was resuscitated is physically “revived”.  An old car at a junk yard can be restored and revived again.  And even a forest that has been devastated by fire, can see new growth and revival come as plants begin to grow again!

I have been asking the question lately, “Do we need revival?”  Not a physical revival, but a fresh spiritual awakening in our souls.  To say “yes” to this question is to realize that there are dead areas or decay in our spiritual lives.  We must recognize the “spiritual rot” so that we can cut it out and allow God to do the miraculous work of regeneration, renewal, and revival in our hearts!

Here are some ways spiritual rot can creep in without notice:

Losing our dependence on God. It has been a trying season.  Many are looking for ways to survive.  However, we have leaned and depended on our government, our safety masks, our news and media for guidance.   Are we still trusting God above all other things?  

Allowing fears to control our actions:  Fear and anxiety are on the rise like never before.  We can’t go out of our homes without the worry of something happening to us or our families.  I am not against using caution and wisdom, as God calls us to use wisdom and seek after it.  But when fear starts controlling our decision-making process, we are no longer being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Lowering our moral standards:  Our morality always lowers when we are “spiritually rotting”, and our morality always increases in times of revival.  We are not saved by our works. That only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  However, we are called to “Hate was is evil, cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9). It is the works of the flesh that dull our desire for God.

Isolating from spiritual encouragement: I am thankful for different ways the church has been able to use media and technology to stay connected over the last few months.  But limiting our interaction with other who are full of faith takes a toll on our spiritual growth.  We can easily disconnect from people of faith who would bring love, accountability and encouragement in our life.

Do you see any of these playing out in your spiritual life?   How about for us as a society?  We must allow this realization to draw us to our knees in prayer.  This is a season where we need to cry out to God for guidance, for more of his Holy Spirit, and more of His power to flow into our lives.  Oh, that we would once again hunger and thirst for Him above all other things!  

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