Our True Hope Day 15 – A Spirit Empowered Greeting

Our True Hope Day 15 – A Spirit Empowered Greeting

Our True Hope Day 15 – A Spirit Empowered Greeting

Bible Reading: Luke 1:39-45

Think of the times you visited relatives for the holidays and all the warm greetings that ensued to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, some of whom you hadn’t seen since the last holiday gathering.  Those reunions usually began with hugs, warm welcomes, and lots of questions to catch up with our loved ones.

This passage recounts a reunion of two relatives that was nothing like the typical holiday visits we remember.  The angel Gabriel told Mary the very surprising news that her aged relative Elizabeth was pregnant with a child (Luke 1:36).  Because Elizabeth was well beyond her childbearing years, this was truly a miracle! Mary rushed to visit Elizabeth to see this miracle with her own eyes. God used Elizabeth’s miracle as proof to Mary that her promised miracle would come to pass as well! (Luke 1:36-37) Mary went quickly to visit Elizabeth, and this is where we witness a Spirit empowered greeting!

From the moment Mary walked into Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth was filled with Holy Spirit (Luke 1:41) and began to prophesy about the blessing that was upon Mary, and the truth that she was to be the mother of the Lord (Luke 1:42-43).   The Spirit-filled Elizabeth with divine knowledge that confirmed that this was God’s work being accomplished through Mary.  The Spirit also caused John, Elizabeth’s unborn child, to leap in her womb (Luke 1:15).  God first revealed the promised miracle of Jesus’ birth through an angel, and then confirmed it to Mary through this special greeting!  In the same way the Holy Spirit filled Elizabeth to proclaim that Mary was the mother of Jesus, the Holy Spirit can empower us to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ!

Opening our Lives to the Work of the Holy Spirit.

As Christmas Day draws near, we can anticipate many warm greetings with family, friends, and even strangers.  We must be seeking Jesus and allowing his Spirit to fill us and use us in our greetings with others.  God is still speaking and longs to reveal his message of hope to the lost. Will we listen? Will we make ourselves available for God to speak through us?  May God find willing people this Christmas who are sharing his miraculous message to others through the power of his Spirit.
Questions to Consider:  When will I seek Jesus today? Am I willing to receive the power of his Holy Spirit in me?  Who is God leading me to share the good news of Jesus Christ with?

Additional Reading: John 16:4-15
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