Our True Hope Day 16: Let Us Sing

Our True Hope Day 16: Let Us Sing

Our True Hope Day 16: Let Us Sing

Bible Reading: Luke 1:46-56

Music is a gift from God, and almost everyone at some point will sing.  Some might sing along at a concert, while others might sing while they are driving in the car, or in the shower.  Or maybe one might hum when they are in a store and know a familiar song that is playing in the background.

We read that when Mary hears the prophetic word from Elizabeth about the son she was carrying, she burst forth in song.  This song was a response to the goodness of God.  Mary, being overwhelmed by the angel’s word, and the reality of what was about to happen, couldn’t help but declare God’s goodness through a melody!

As we read this passage today, we can stop and ask the question: How has God been good to me?  How has God been faithful?  What plans does God still have for my life?  Take extra time to reread this song of Mary’s. Let worship flow from your heart for God’s goodness in your life.

Question to consider: How have I seen the goodness and faithfulness of God in my life?
Additional Reading: Psalms 34
Song to Listen To: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAIvOGth0m4
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