Our True Hope Day 18: When Faith Brings Freedom

Our True Hope Day 18: When Faith Brings Freedom

Our True Hope Day 18: When Faith Brings Freedom

Bible Reading: Luke 1:57-67

Zechariah was used by God to prophesy of the coming savior, but he had to learn a valuable lesson first. Because he doubted and questioned the angel about the miraculous birth of his son (Luke 1:18), God made Zechariah unable to speak for the full nine months of his wife’s pregnancy! One week after his son was born, all the friends and family gathered to celebrate and assumed the baby would be named after his father as was Jewish tradition. Zechariah used a tablet to write down one simple sentence, “His name will be John.”

The Power of Faith

Zechariah’s simple written sentence was packed with power as we see what followed, “And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, blessing God” (vs.64).  The passage goes on to explain that at that very moment he was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to prophesy about his son John AND about the coming Messiah.  Everyone around was affected by Zechariah’s experience as the fear and wonder of the Lord fell on “all their neighbors…and these things were talked about through all the hill country of Judea” (vs.65).  Why did the naming of his son have such a big impact?

The Impact of Freedom

In nine months, Zechariah was changed from a man who doubted the words of a powerful angel, to a man who really grasped God’s promise, believed it, and had faith enough to declare it to all his family. Even with the immense pressure from culture, religion and tradition, Zechariah showed his faith when he insisted his son be named John as God had directed. He was demonstrating that he finally believed all the angel had told him!

Such freedom came when Zechariah demonstrated his simple yet powerful faith. Not only was he set free from his muteness, but he was set free from the control of his sinful flesh as he was filled with the Holy Spirit. His spiritual tongue was set free as he began to prophesy.  His life was forever changed that day because of the freedom that came from faith. And expressed faith always makes an impact on others as we see clearly happened in Zechariah’s community. Be encouraged by Zechariah’s story.  and believe God’s truth and promise for you….because Faith brings Freedom!

Questions to consider: What pressures around me are keeping me from expressing faith in God’s Word for me? What promises of God do I need to write down or declare today?

Additional Reading: Luke 1:68-80
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