Our True Hope Day 22: God’s Plan Is Better

Our True Hope Day 22: God’s Plan Is Better

Bible Reading: Matthew 1:18-25

I am the kind of person who likes to be planned and organized.  It’s how God has wired me.  It helps me to be able to accomplish more, and not allow too many responsibilities to overwhelm me (usually).  When a curveball is thrown into my schedule, it can quickly throw me for a loop.

The Man With a Plan.

From what I read about him, I believe Joseph was a young man who had a plan.  He was trying to take responsibility and establish himself in a career of carpentry.  He feared God and found a young maiden who was to soon be his wife.  He was on his way in accomplishing his plan.  But then something happened that he wasn’t expecting.  God stepped in with His plan for his life, and it was by no means traditional.  Mary was pregnant even though “He knew her not” (Matthew 1:25).  What does a young man like Joseph do after receiving news such as this?  How does he go on with the disgrace of an unfaithful bride to be?

Mercy and Consideration.

Joseph, even though he was not expecting his life to be turned upside down in a moment, acted honorably.  First, he decided not to disgrace his fiancé (Matthew 1: 19).  Rather, he showed her mercy.  In his day, adultery was sometimes punishable by death.  But Joseph decided to divorce her quietly, offering mercy, even though he was hurt by the situation.  Second, it says he “considered these things” (Matthew 1:20)  I am sure Mary’s story of what the angel had told her was a difficult story to believe.  However, Joseph kept his heart open.  When he “considered these things,” I believe he took his emotions and thoughts to God in prayer.  I am sure he had a moment when he expressed those feelings to God asking “God what are you doing?!”  But as he kept his heart open, it opened the door for God to reassure him through an angel in a dream.

His Plans and God’s Plans.

Joseph’s plans were completely changed.   God’s Plan was completely fulfilled.  Joseph wanted to be married, start a career, establish a home, and raise a family.  God’s plan was the fulfillment of his word, that his Son would come to earth.
“She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins” Matthew 1:21
I think most of us reading this would agree that God’s plan for Joseph’s life was a far better plan as it affected humanity forever.  I believe Joseph came to a point where he was thankful God’s plan was fulfilled through his life as he raised and prepared Jesus for his earthly ministry.

Our Plans in God’s Hands

So it leads us to the question today, will we trust our plans into God’s hands?  As we dream and try to plan out our future, will we allow God to accomplish his will in and through our lives?  Many of us can look at situations in our life saying, “I wasn’t expecting that to happen.” But let us trust God.  Let us completely surrender our lives to him, trusting his will to be accomplished in our life!
Additional Reading: Luke 4
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