Our True Hope Day 24: Good News and Great Joy

Our True Hope Day 24: Good News and Great Joy

Bible Reading: Luke 2:8-20

I’ll never forget my first mission trip to South America when I was in college.  We met some beautiful people and did some exciting work.  But the lack of American comforts was a shock to us.  Sleeping under mosquito nets, taking cold showers, eating spicy fish for breakfast, and being packed in a van like a sardine to travel (seriously, I know how a sardine in a can feels now).  I remember thinking about all the blessings I had back home that I took for granted because I found myself without them anymore.

One Heck of A Night.

The night that the angels carried the message to the shepherds about the birth of Christ was like no other night.  I am sure it was an unforgettable experience.  One minute the shepherds were counting sheep, another minute they were surrounded by the glory of God!  Along with this, came a message of good news.  I believe the magnitude of glory and awe in that moment matched the magnitude of the message!  The Good News was the Savior is born!  Hope is restored, forgiveness is offered, and God is with us again.

Do We Take The Good News For Granted?

I wonder if we take this good news for granted.  Think of the joy and excitement the shepherds had at that moment as they dropped everything they were doing to go and see Jesus with their own eyes.  Are we experiencing some of that joy today, like the shepherds had, as we celebrate Christmas?  Or do we take it for granted not realizing what we have really been given?  We could make the excuse that it was easier for the shepherds to be full of joy because they got to experience things first hand. However, unlike the shepherds, WE get to know the rest of the story!  We know what was accomplished through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Take Hold Of Joy Today.

Let’s not take this good news for granted today, but let us receive it with joy!  Let us not let the worries of life rob us of that joy.  The angel told the shepherds this was “good news of great joy!” (Luke 2:10).  If we know this good news, we can grab hold of the great joy.  We don’t have to keep it to ourselves.  The angel also declared that this was “for all people” (Luke 2:10).  So wherever you are today, remember that the news is good, the joy is great, and it IS for you!

Questions to consider:  Do I have the joy that the shepherds had on that special night so long ago?  Is anything robbing me of my joy this Christmas?

Additional Reading: Luke 2:21-52
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