Week 1

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 3:1-15


No one plays a game or competes in a sport without knowing how the game ends or how to win.  No one enjoys working without knowing ahead of time what the end goal is.  Yet many of us live life refusing to think about how things will end.


Today Pastor Devin starts a new series on 2 Peter.  We are called to remember and think about life with the end in mind.  As we just ended a series talking about “winning the war in our minds”, shouldn’t we also think about the end of our lives?  Shouldn’t we think about what will happen to us and our families?  The Bible clearly defines what will happen at the end, so that we can plan how we should live our lives.



Week 2

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 1:3-4


Our culture is saturated by promises offered.  Some are used for marketing, some are incorporated in our jobs and work, some are in the form of a legal document, and others are shared among friends and loved ones.


We have all received the blessing of a promise.  Many have been hurt by a promise that was not kept. Today as we look at 2 Peter 1:3-4, Pastor Devin shares the importance of the promises of God.  Have you trusted in the promises of God?  Have you built your life upon them?  Do they pave the path of your life?  Join us today as we take time to receive many of the promises of God and learn how they lead our lives.



Week 3

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-15


The Bible is God’s story on His rescue plan for all men and women through the grace and mercy of His son, Jesus.  As we read His word, we see God’s love, His power, and His unchanging compassion for people. The more we see it, the more we are in awe of who He is! The more we are excited for Jesus to return and the more we are excited for the promise of eternal life.


But should we stop there?  How are we called to live?  Today Pastor Devin guides us through the first chapter of 2 Peter.  It is filled with a picture of all God has done for us.  But it is also filled with encouragement and a reminder for how believers in Christ are called to live daily.



Week 4

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 1:16-21


“Honestly officer, I didn’t see the sign.” Did you ever say that when you have gotten pulled over by a police officer? Many have. And some people are honest when they say it. They just didn’t see the sign. Signs are all around us. We have so many signs, we start to ignore them or overlook them.


As we are studying through 2 Peter, he gives us a warning of the End Game that is coming. But how do we know we can trust Jesus’ words? Today we look at the signs that are along the path that warn us, give us direction, and confirm that we are going the right direction.



Week 5

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 2


WARNING: Listening to this message might cause you to love God more.


Did I get your attention? It seems all throughout our culture there are warnings on everything. So much that we stop paying attention to them. However, we cannot miss the warnings that will affect our life.


Today as we are in week five of our series “END GAME”, we look at the warnings that Peter gave to the early church. They were experiencing revival, miracles, and many coming to know Jesus. They were also experiencing persecution and suffering. In the midst of all that, just like we have signs on our roads to help us to know what is up ahead, we have warnings from God we must listen to.



Week 6

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 2:9-10


When you are planning a long trip to reach a destination, usually there are going to be a couple stops along the way.  However, we must stay focused on the destination and not get distracted by those stops.


Today Pastor Devin finishes the teaching series on 2 Peter. As we look at some of the final warnings from Peter to the early church, he warns against the hold sin can have on a believer’s life. We must be aware of the people around us who try to lure us into a lifestyle of sin.